Personalized AI for Slack Huddles

Introducing the world's first AI Notetaker for Slack Huddles. With timeOS, you can automatically record, transcribe, and summarize your huddles in Slack, supporting 60 languages. It's time to make spontaneous conversations enjoyable and productive!

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Automate note-taking for huddles

Your AI identifies when you start a Slack Huddle and joins to provide a transcription, summary, and action items. You can also access the full video of the conversation!

Get summaries directly in Slack

Your AI generates a summary immediately after your huddle ends. You can then customize it to your needs and share it with your colleagues in Slack with just one click.

Instant answers from all your huddles

Your AI can search and provide answers for every single detail discussed in your huddles. It also reminds you of previous discussions with the person you huddle with!

Organize your tasks in the right place

Your AI identifies the actions items and tasks you discuss in your huddle, syncing your assigned items with Notion, ClickUp, Monday, and more!

Track huddles directly in calendar

Never lose track of huddle time. timeOS automatically creates a calendar block for your ongoing huddles, giving you a visual record and quick access to summaries right from your calendar.

Turn spontaneous discussions
into actions

It's time to make spontaneous conversations enjoyable and productive!

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