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timeOS 1.0 Chrome + Web App - The fastest meeting notes experience ever built | Product Hunt

AI meeting note taker
that works for you

timeOS is now the most versatile AI for your productivity tools. It seamlessly integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Slack Huddles to capture notes and efficiently organize tasks within your favorite tools.

timeOS accurately captures your meeting notes, follows up on your behalf, and identifies action items with AI.

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Finally, AI that can do your work for you

Ridiculously good meeting notes in your native language

Experience the most accurate notetaker experience ever built, regardless of the language you speak. Your AI seamlessly integrates with your calendar, Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to automatically generate meeting notes and summaries. Be more present in meetings and save hours every week.

Get your action items, right where they belong

Turn discussions into actions. After a meeting, your AI automatically analyzes your assigned action items and seamless syncs them with tools like Notion, ClickUp, Asana, and Slack to ensure you never miss a task.

Follow up emails that write themselves

Never drop the ball after a meeting again. After every meeting, your AI instantly drafts a follow-up email that genuinely sounds like you wrote them. Easily fine-tune it, and send it via Gmail in a single click. Amaze your colleagues by consistently keeping them on the same page.

Add AI to your next meeting

Get a summary and action items right to your email.

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Chosen by highly-effective professionals & teams

timeOS has given me a superpower. The automated note taker enables me to be fully present at meetings, and to effectively follow up and keep track of action items and come prepared to each meeting.

Liat Aaronson
Co-Founder, Managing Director at Horizen Labs Ventures

The killer feature -Ā All my meeting notes are automatically added to our internalĀ Notion. Using timeOS saves me 3 hours a week manually summarizing calls and makesĀ sure I never "forget"Ā  important action items or newĀ opportunities.

Tomer Dean
Co-founder & CEO, Lychee

timeS has been an absolute time saver for me! I can continue looking at my clients rather than incessantly scribbling notes during meetings - and still trust that the summary and follow up tasks will be accurate.

Kirsty O'Sullivan
Customer Success Manager, The Ambassador Platform

The AI teammate you need to meet

In an age of ever-increasing distractions, one-third of our meetings are pointless, yet they continue to get in the way of deep work.

Whether you're running late or have other priorities, your AI makes it socially acceptable to skip a meeting without missing any details.

Send your AI to any meeting

Just paste a link.

OOO? Running late? Catch up in seconds

Make your AI truly yours.

Choose a name
and a photo.

Need to skip? Give your colleagues some context

Get detailed reports of what you've missed

Replace yourself with AI

Leverage AI to bypass non-essential meetings and stay informed.

Get detailed report of what you've missed

Send AI to non-scheduled evets

Give guests some context

Make it yours

Give guests some context

OOO? Running late? Catch up in seconds


From automatically syncing meeting insights with Notion to intelligently organizing your action items in ClickUp or Monday.com, timeOS streamlines your daily workflows and routines.

Security-first approach

timeOS is secured by design. For us, trust and privacy are more important than anything else. Learn More.

Data encrypted

timeOS utilizes AWS for secure and reliable hosting. We employ AES-256 encryption for data during transit and ensure safe storage of meeting summaries within our services.

No modeling

timeOS never trains your AI or OpenAI with your meeting content. You, our customer, pay a monthly subscription. This model aligns with your interests, ensuring trust and privacy. We never sell data or advertise.


At any point in time, You can ask timeOS to delete your data anytime. Your meeting transcript & recording pages are private, generated on-demand, and automatically expire after 3 hours.

Live beyond your calendar

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