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timeOS 2.0 - Your day just got smarter | Product Hunt
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timeOS 2.0 - Your day just got smarter | Product Hunt

Your productivity system,
on autopilot

timeOS is an AI productivity companion that captures and summarizes your day, organizes all relevant information within the right tool, and proactively surfaces the knowledge you need, when you need it.

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Replace yourself with AI

Leverage AI to bypass non-essential meetings and stay informed.

Get detailed report of what you've missed

Send AI to non-scheduled evets

Give guests some context

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Give guests some context

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timeOS 2.0 - Your day just got smarter | Product Hunt

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Fastest way to get ready

Instant Briefs uses AI to scour your previous meeting notes, Gmail threads, and even LinkedIn to get you ready to your meetings in seconds.

Prepare for future meetings

Proactively get briefed by your AI for meetings wherever you are in your browser.

Revisit past meetings

Refresh your memory of previous meetings in seconds by hovering over calendar events.

Capture your day seamlessly

Whether it's an in virtual brainstorm, a quick huddle, or an in-person strategy session, our versatile recording system captures every detail. Never miss a moment and always stay in the loop, no matter the meeting format.

Automatic notes without a bot

Our customizable AI bot joins you on Google Meet, Zoom, or Teams and provides a full recording, transcription and summary.

Want to capture meetings without a bot?
Try using our Invisible AI


Capture physical meetings with a single click, and get mobile-friendly summaries 
at lightning speed.


Our one of a kind Slack bot transforms your spontaneous Huddles into insights and action items. We’ll even update your calendar so you’re always clear on 
where your time is spent.

On your own

Speak your mind and let our AI turn your ideas into organized & actionable insights instantly, all from your phone.

Without you

For all those meetings you wish you could skip while still being kept in the loop, just send your AI bot instead of you.

AI that understands you

Transcend language barriers and get concise, accessible summaries of your meetings in the format of your choice. Our summaries ensure you grasp the essence of every discussion, paving the way for informed decisions and clear communication.

60+ languages

From globally spoken to niche languages, timeOS summaries bridge communication gaps, offering support for diverse linguistic needs.

Custom AI Notes

Customize your summary structure, choose the sections you need, and decide how you want your meeting insights presented for maximum clarity.

Works everywhere

Our platform is accessible across major browsers like Arc, Edge, and Chrome, on both computers and smartphones, with the convenience of Apple Watch notifications.

Organize knowledge within your tools

Seamlessly integrate actionable insights into your workflow with our smart follow-up system. Turn discussions into deliverables with organized action items and comprehensive documentation that sync with your existing tools.


Elevate team collaboration by syncing summaries and action items with the tools you already use such as Notion, Google Docs, monday.com, HubSpot, Trello, and Slack.

Follow up

Automatically generate and send follow-up emails with meeting summaries to keep all stakeholders in the loop without extra effort.

Action items

Efficiently extract action items from your meetings, embedding them into the summary and directly syncing with task management apps like Monday, Asana, and ClickUp.

timeOS has given me a superpower. The automated note taker enables me to be fully present at meetings, and to effectively follow up and keep track of action items and come prepared to each meeting.

Liat Aaronson
Co-Founder, Managing Director at Horizen Labs Ventures

The killer feature - All my meeting notes are automatically added to our internal Notion. Using timeOS saves me 3 hours a week manually summarizing calls and makes sure I never "forget"  important action items or new opportunities.

Tomer Dean
Co-founder & CEO, Lychee

timeS has been an absolute time saver for me! I can continue looking at my clients rather than incessantly scribbling notes during meetings - and still trust that the summary and follow up tasks will be accurate.

Kirsty O'Sullivan
Customer Success Manager, The Ambassador Platform

timeOS did a great job on creating a meeting summary and action items from Estonian language. I was really impressed how it understood Estonian language, I've been waiting this for a long time :D

Ivar Gusev
Founder, Automajestic

I'd like to applaud the level of multilingual support timeOS provides. It exceeds any expectations. Was a great surprise to find a perfect English summary of 100% Bulgarian spoken meeting, when this language is nowhere set in account settings.

Garry Kabankin
Project Coordinator, Santiment.net

Browser Extension


10,000+ users



Elevate your browsing experience with our discreet extension. Open new possibilities in a new tab, get a snapshot of your day, delegate to AI when you can't be there, and stay briefed on the go—our extension is the silent powerhouse behind your productivity.

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Our AI works discreetly in the background, summarizing meetings without the need to join visibly, ensuring no interruptions or distractions during your discussions.

New tab

With each new tab, gain a minimalist and beautiful overview of your day, complete with a clock and direct access to your upcoming meetings.

Day peek

Take a swift glance at your daily schedule with a sliding calendar feature, available anywhere on your browser, allowing you to manage your day and meetings with ease.

Security-first approach

timeOS is secured by design. For us, trust and privacy are more important than anything else. Learn More.


timeOS is hosted on Google Cloud and utilizes GCP Security Command Center and Cloud IDS for secure and reliable hosting. All our systems are continuously monitored for threats.


All of your data is encrypted at transit with TLS/HTTPS and with AES-256 at rest. We ensure the safe storage of meeting summaries within our services.


You can ask timeOS to delete your data anytime. Your meeting data are private by default and not automatically shared with attendees without your consent.

Timing in everything

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